New search and search-and-replace bars for kate

Kate was on of the first KDE applications that took over the search bar idea from Firefox. Now the developers sping outlined an idea how to create a search-and-replace bar as well.

The main problem with the usual search bar is that it does not offer search-and-replace functions. This is okay to “passive” applications like Web browsers, but editors like Kate definitely need such a feature.

Therefore sping thought about that problem and decided to work at. A couple of days later he showed mockups. The first mockup shows how the usual search bar could look like – it looks pretty similar to the Firefox one.

Kate search bar mockup

The second image shows a mockup for the search-and-replace function:

Kate search-and-replace bar mockup

It looks like these two bars will have two different backends where the second one resembles the features and possibilities of the old search-and-replace dialog.

I hope that parts of these efforts will finally find their way into the kde libraries so that other apps can take over these techniques. Although someKDE applications also implement similar functions already there is hardly shared code between these solutions. This is because it takes some time to integrate it into the shared libraries because the bar is not a dialog (as the old dialog was) and because the search function itself also depends in parts on the specific application. But we might see a shared base in KDE 4.1 – there is a strong demand for it in the end.

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