KDE 4 porting howto updated

The KDE 4 application port guide has been updated and brought into better shape. The guide also shows which base technologies and techniques have changed since KDE 3.

The port guide – which can be found in KDE’s svn – was updated all the time, giving developers a place to look for important changes. Now mwoehlke went through the howto and gave it some love to sort everything where it belongs to, unified the used vocabulary and so on. Most of the changes are rather small, but there are numerous and very helpful. For example all removed things are now actually marked with the word “removed” instead of “gone” or “removed” or “deleted”.

The porting guide itself also gives some insight into the huge changes from KDE 3 to KDE 4 besides the often mentioned Plasma, Phonon and Solid. The mimetypes will be reworked to match the XDG ones, for example – compared to the old list hardly any old mimetype is kept! Also, the guide features quite some information how to deal with old KFilePlugins since they have to be ported to strigi.

But most of the changes which have been made since KDE 3 are detail work. I checked for the interesting marks, and found these (in a rough grepping, no really accurate numbers!):

  • 142 things have been “removed” (9 of them with “replace*”, see below)
  • 119 things have been “renamed”
  • 73 things have been “replace*”d (like in “replace”, “replaces”, “replaced” or “replacement”)
  • 59 have been generally “move”d
  • 17 things have been “deprecated”, not counting combined removing
  • 4 merges have taken place
  • 1 split has been done

That’s quite some work done in that area. And since it is work under the hood it does not get any media attention.
So: thanks for this!

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