Fedora 8 Test 1 released; Smolt passed 100k mark

Fedora 8 Test 1 was released today. The new release gives a first glimpse at the coming Fedora version. However, not all expected features are included yet since the feature freeze is planned for later this month. in the meantime Smolt passed the 100k mark.

Fedora 8 Test 1

The announcement is clear on the state of the version: Test 1 is for “alpha” users. And since it is still three weeks until the feature freeze quite a lot of things can – and most likely will – change in the close future. For example KDE 4 is not yet included, the Test version comes with KDE 3.
An overview about many planned new features can be read here.

You can get the Test version via bittorrent in form of several Live CDs or installation DVDs.


Smolt passed the 100k mark, a month and ten days after the 50k mark. While almost all the machines are Fedora machines (since the project is at the moment fully included only in Fedora) there are also some dozen OpenSuse machines.

The smolt client development continues in the meantime. A check to see whether SELinux is activated or not was just added.

I wonder if other distributions are really going to pick it up and include it into their distributions – or just make it an option for people who now that the package exists. Also, I wonder if the tool will at some point in the future include support for lists of installed packages.

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