First test version of klik2 available

A first test version of klik2 is available. The new version features among other things fuse support.

The klik-project addresses the urgent need of a sane solution to the current Linux software installation problem. While the first version provided an interesting solution in several situations there were still quite some problems and flaws.
Now a new version of klik is developed which aims at solving the remaining issues as well.

One of the most important changes mentioned in the announcement is the new way of mounting and sandboxing application images: while it was previously done by loopmounts of cramfs files it will be done by FUSE in klik2. The most obvious advantage compared to the old way is that FUSE is not limited to any specific numbers of parallel mounts. It also has several advantages compared to other possible virtualization solutions like Plash or PlasticFS.

Another important part of the new version will be the klik command line client: it will have a syntax similar to the current distribution package managers like Apt and yum. All GUIs around klik will be developed on top of this command line client acording to the last developer meeting. This should make it easier to write custom GUI applications. It could give klik2 quite a boost if it would be delivered with a synaptic like tool.

Or, to go one step further: imagine the current software management tools (Adept, Pirut, Synaptic, whatever) could use the klik backend as an option as well – that would be revolutionary.


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