Decibel: first real world usage with kcall, but what is about kopete?

basysKom announced that their SIP program kcall has been ported to Decibel, making it the first real world application actually using Decibel. But there are still no information available about the state of kopete.

Decibel was developed to provide a central interface for real time communication in KDE 4. The idea is that on the one hand users will be able to manage everything in one place while on the other hand developers can use the APIs provided by Decibel to integrate their program fully with this central place.
Technically Decibel uses the Tapioca which in turn implements the Telepathy specifications. This by the way should make it quite easy to share resources with other Telepathy implementations like they are planned for Gnome.

So Decibel is the Phonon for VoIP and IM. And like Phonon it would be worthless without a real application using it. To do that kcall, a kontact integrated SIP solution, was is ported to Decibel. This is good to see because it gives the Decibel developers feedback about API quality and application needs. Also, after the port kcall will be more than a SIP application – it will be even able to remote control snom telephones making it a real telephony application.

However, the most often used IM application on KDE is kopete. And the idea behind Decibel was that applications just like kopete switch over to use Decibel to be able to concentrate on the app only instead of implementing yet another protocol.
But there seem to be problems. First of all, Decibel won’t be ready for KDE 4.0, but for KDE 4.1:

I rather doubt that we will meet the KDE4.0 deadlines (is it even possible to still add apps to that release at this point?), but I am positive that we can get into KDE 4.1.

Second, kopete itself won’t be ready for KDE 4.0 as it looks like.

On the other there is the techbase entry about kopete which has been written by Mlarouche, the lead developer of kopete. The page sets the aim of a 4.0 release and lists several features. Decibel is supposed to be integrated as a plugin for 4.0 and fully supported as the main backend for 4.1.

So at the moment the situation around kopete is still unclear. I would like to see a version ready for KDE 4.0, but not necessarily as a part of kdenetwork but maybe as part of extragear. Amarok and others have a healthy live there, and I think kopete could benefit in similar ways. But that’s up to the developers.


7 thoughts on “Decibel: first real world usage with kcall, but what is about kopete?”

  1. I am happy that you are so excited about Decibel… I am, too:-)

    Thanks to the wonders of Decibel and Telepathy KCall is no longer a SIP application:-) It should still work with SIP (as provided e.g. by the telepathy sofia-sip connection manager), but I actually ported KCall using the telepathy-snom connection manager we wrote, having KCall “remote control” the phone on my desk. So it is a telephony application now. I just hope that switching telepathy backends for streamed media channels is as painless as switching those for text channels.

    But we are not yet finished with the port of KCall. I just blogged that we had a fun weekend getting started with the port and that we got pretty far with it. We do want to release the code soon, so let’s hope that your posting is just a couple of days early.

    Best Regards,

  2. Hi Tobias,

    thanks for the comment, and thanks for the clarification about kcall, I corrected it.
    I’m looking forward to the many possibilities Decibel will provide, and how applications will use them!

  3. anon, yes, I saw the history date, and of course it is older but nevertheless it is there and it is one of the few information available directly fromt he kopete developers.

    About the modules page: the page only lists applications with pending issues. The fact that kopete is not listed there means nothing.

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