as the new head of the family

The family around grew again and launched as a central place for developers, artists and other contributors. To round up the entire collection of family members and were launched as well. was launched over 10 years ago to provide the KDE users with cool designs, wallpapers and other graphical eye candy. Under the hood of other pages were launched, most notable

Yesterday another member of the family was fired up to create a central place for all people interested regardless of the profession or interest: is the new head of our website network. It brings the contents and users of our websites together.

Like the other pages of the family is a place to submit content, but while other places like are environment specific and/or differentiate between art and programs, takes all this together into one big page.

Frank the person behind all this, also pointed out that there is no need to upload stuff on again – it will aggregate the other existing pages. Content is generally shared:

The categories are shared between and the subpages. It makes no difference if you upload you stuff to or to, for example

To cover really all parts of the existing free desktops some more sub pages were launched as well:, and

If all this content is really shared automatically between all these pages I’m really looking forward to these pages. It will make it much easier to find programs and eye-candy for your machine, to rate it, to discuss it and so on.

And to the author: Happy Birthday Frank! 🙂


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