Apple’s Leopard with DirectX-like OpenGL? More hints.

There are additional hints that Apple plans to implement the new generation OpenGL into their products.

I already expressed that there are hints and reasons that Apple’s Leopard might ship with a new OpenGL version – either “Longs Peak” (which could be seen as a new 2.x version) or “Mount Evans” (which could be seen as a totally new branch like 3.0).

In short the reasons are that Apple uses OpenGL – and OpenGL is currently lacking a lot of features and does not support all the new goodies of today’s graphic hardware (think of DirectX-10-hardware here). But there are two new OpenGL versions expected this year: one cleaning up the current API, and another one with revolutionary new code with support for the newest hardware/features. Both are expected somewhere around the release date of Apple’s Leopard in a distance of 2-3 months.

Now ghost-sypher pointed me (thanks for that!) to a paper describing the working groups of the new OpenGL releases. And there it turns out that the chair man who is responsible of coordinating and planning the next revolutionary release “Mount Evans” is Jeremy Sandmel – from Apple.

This means that the main person behind the newest OpenGL – which will support all the new graphics technology available today – is employed by Apple.

So Apple is deep involved with the newest OpenGL work. And being able to use the newest graphics hardware would definitely benefit the marketing. Therefore I think it is safe to estimate that Apple will indeed try to release OpenGL “Mount Evans” support as fast as possible. And I would not be surprised if that would be included with Leopard if the OpenGL team releases fast enough.


3 thoughts on “Apple’s Leopard with DirectX-like OpenGL? More hints.”

  1. You should write “DirectXlike” in the heading, because the current one is a bit confusing (at least for me).

    Btw.: Are you planning to write something about Sonnet? For me it would be quite interesting, how far it is and if they reached their goals. Would be cool if you write some sentences about that and maybe even show some screenshots (especially with two or more languages in one input field).

  2. gissi: thanks for the comment, I just forgot about the dash.
    But about Sonnet: at the moment it looks like Zack Rusin is tacking over it and working at it. However, I yet failed to bring it up running on any application.
    And the presentation of Zack at aKademy wasn’t recorded properly, so I have no idea about the state of that tool, unfortunately.

    But as soon as I get information about it you can be sure that I will post them here!

  3. As time passed, it becomes clearer.
    The OpenGL group now named the OpenGL development project “Longs peak” version 3.0 with the release still to come within the next days or weeks (status September 11th).

    Regarding that the group took some time longer and may not be able to manage to add all the features by that time as wanted, it is unlikely “Mount Evans” will appear ready at the releasing day of Mac OS Leopard.
    Nevertheless it’s seems consequent to assume Leopard will be developed regarding high end graphics hardware and technics concerning the near future, using a stable version of OpenGL 3.0 (Longs Peak) if possible and handing in OpenGL “Mount Evans” releases later, when ready.
    This way Apple would be able to support older und current graphics hardware und addressing the high end market by the time needed when programs will make use of the high end features and such graphic cards are implemented to the Macs.
    Regarding late revealings of EA games supporting Apples platform again stronger and the presentation of future gaming engines such as id tech 5 running on Mac OS this seems a not to fictionous scenario.

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