Nepomuk-KDE gets more attention – and better Dolphin integration

Recently Madnriva published an announcement informing about the Nepomuk-KDE project in which Mandriva is heavily involved. This lead to more press coverage of Nepomuk-KDE.

Nepomuk-KDE in the news

While aKademy 2007 took place Mandriva used the advantage to highlight their involvement with the Nepomuk-KDE project. The press release drew a line between the Nepomuk-KDE project and the article “As we may think” from Vannevar Bush. That was indeed a nice PR move.

On the technical side Mandriva also mentioned that they work at integrating semantic features with Eclipse and Mozilla’s XUL framework. Other projects for various integration tasks are involved as well:

Mandriva is also leading the implementation of similar features on top of the Eclipse RCP and the Mozilla XUL frameworks, and it is teaming up with XWiki and with the Stockholm Royal Institute of Technology to design a community semantic help desk with rich desktop extensions and P2P capabilities that will bring the knowledge sharing process within the Mandriva community to a new level of efficiency.

The term leading might upset one or two people, but the fact is that Sebastian Trüg, the lead developer of Nepomuk-KDE, is indeed paid by Mandriva to work at that project!

The press release also mentions the video I once created to show the current integration of Nepomuk-KDE with Dolphin. They actually link to my movie page, which is a bit strange because the now rely a bit on me and my page. Hey: I’m now part of a press release 😀

Improved Dolphin integration

Things also developed on the technical front: KListView is a function used in Dolphin to sort lists. As usual you can sort by name or file type:

KListView - sort by type example

This function was now extended to also include sort by rating. And the rating is of course provided by Nepomuk-KDE. This means that rating is not anymore some obscure thing you can see in the information window, it is simply one more information about the file itself like everything else:

KListView - sort by rating example

The screenshot is taken on my system – the code is already in current SVN and can be tested and used by everyone. Btw., it works for tags as well. And the files don’t have to be shown in groups, but it is more screen shot friendly.

At the moment it is however a bit slow on large directories with hundreds of files and directories. And the UI freezes in such cases. But this is still Alpha code, so I quite sure we will see improvements in that field as well

5 thoughts on “Nepomuk-KDE gets more attention – and better Dolphin integration”

  1. hi,
    sry, there’s a problem with the screenies. can you please fix it? it’s just one picture…

  2. What about Konqueror?

    I only hear things about Dolphin, which should be the simple file manager, but will Konqueror also support all these features?

    I’d be very thankful if you could write an article about the progress of Konqueror develepment.

    Thank you very much!

  3. talented: At the moment konqueror is still in deep development and it is difficult to write an article b/c it is not in such a state yet.
    However, Dolphin can be used inside Konqueror as a kpart – therefore you will have essentially the same features as it looks like.

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