KDE release structure

In a recent interview Sebastian Kügler made some notes about the way KDE plans releases. The Technical Working Group did not work out but a release team from the community does the job.

The Technical Working Group (TWG) was founded in February 2006 with the goal to

define and execute the official software releases of KDE.

The TWG was elected for 6 months. After this time the TGW should be evaluated again to see if it meets the expectations. But after the first announcement it became silent around the TGW and I never heard about it again – and honestly I forgot about it, shame on me.

Today I read an interview with Sebastian Kügler who is on the Board of Directors of the KDE e.V.. Among other things he also talked about the release planning and mentioned that the evaluation of the TGW showed that the idea didn’t work out. Indeed, if you have a closer look at the TGW charter you will notice the following:

Currently there is no TWG in place as after an evaluation period it turned out that the TWG concept was too formal to work in practice with the self-organizing culture of the KDE development community. A less formally organized release-team has emerged which has taken over the most important responsibities of the TWG.

Sebastian also mentioned the Release Team which was formed at the end of 2006:

At the end of 2006, KDE lacked direction in that respect and we asked the community to step up and solve this problem.
A group of people feeling responsible stepped up, and without much formality, the Release Team formed. Quickly, a release schedule was worked out, and this team has done an excellent piece of work in listening to the contributors and making decisions based on their findings. Now KDE has a more sustainable structure, is not dependent on two people anymore and there is a clear way to address various technical issues.

It is good to see everything worked out so well. However I’m a bit surprised that I missed all that, but then again I might have had other things in my mind due to real life.

Anyway, if you want to know more about the Release Team or even plan on helping them, join their e-mail list.


3 thoughts on “KDE release structure”

  1. TGW is a spell error, TWG is “Technical Working Group” which was mentioned several times before. I added a note to make this more clear…

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