Further KDE release (cycle) discussions at aKademy

Voices from aKademy made clear that most KDE developers reject the idea of a 6 months release plan. But there were also discussions about the KDE 4 release schedule itself.

The idea of Mark Shuttleworth to create a fixed release schedule for KDE 4 were mainly refused by the developers at aKademy 4. There were too many concerns about possible disadvantages, but also some voices pointing out that KDE 4 should not be aligned to close to any single distribution.

In the meantime, some people discussed the KDE 4.0 release date. While they agreed on the 23rd October as the release date some proposed to make this release a kind of gamma release, followed by the real stable sometime later. The idea is to already ship a stable-enough version on 23rd of October which all distributions could pick up, but to have some additional time for bug fixing, translations and things like Plasmoids generation or kde-apps/kde-look preparation to have a really rock solid KDE 4 at the “official” release date. Also, the release team and the promotion team would have enough time preparing a real press event with a big release party.

Some people indeed liked the idea and discussed it further. Also some packagers of some distributions were pleased by that proposal. However, at the moment it is just an idea in the head of some people. So don’t get crazy about it because it might also be that the idea is dropped tomorrow without any further notice!
But I think the idea has some charm: it is important to have the network around KDE 4 ready when it is released. And part of the network is indeed to have a rich choice of KDE 4 styles, window decorations, icons and Plasmoids. Of course for early adopters packages would have to be ready in October, but there is no distribution I know of currently which will not provide such packages.

So all in all an interesting idea – but again, just an idea atm.


3 thoughts on “Further KDE release (cycle) discussions at aKademy”

  1. a very good idea.. i for myself always use up to scratch software (writing from suse factory (opensuse 10.3 alpha 5) with kde4 installed) but it’s a good thing for other user which don’t want to have new software when it isn’t stable yet.

  2. For me it is an excellent idea. I REALLY hope that KDE 4.0.0 will be VERY solid and stable in order not to have to wait until 4.0.5 or th. until it is really usable. Nothing is more annoying and deflating than unstable applications or even more not a 100% rocksolid desktop and framework!

    Greetz SubNet

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