500 000

Fireworks - 500 000 clicks

Today the blog statistics passed the 500 000 views mark.

Half a million views is quite a lot – at least for such a blog like this. And it took me roughly 3 months to get here form the 300 000, which equals more than 2k views a day. This is actually less than the jump from 200k to 300k, but this is due to a huge Digg effect between these two marks and my absence afterwards the 300k mark for three weeks.

But to the statistics:
I wrote almost a dozen articles which had more than 10k views. Together these articles had around 250k views alone. These three articles are at the top:

Unfortunately, this means that my worst article ever is also the most read 😀 But as an interesting side note: afaik this article never made it to Digg or any other larger news site. It is just a piece of information everyone wanted to know. In general I see that howtos and reviews are the most often read pieces – and not for example information about changes in the kernel subsystems. However, these information lately appeared as references on important and large news sites so I was “rewarded” there as well in some kind. And, being used as a news source by larger news sites feels good.

But more about statistics: The best day ever had 32,933 views, and all in all I published 505 articles here (this post not included) – not all originally written here because some were imported from my old blog. Post number 500 deals actually with a topic I do not cover that often: Gnome. 🙂 And I had 1 453 comments.

The “Fedora” section of this blog appears also on Planet Fedora and of course I get quite some readers from there. And technorati lists me at a position somewhere under 25k. This is indeed nice.

Not included in all these statistics are of course the feed readers – the last statistics I did with the feed reader plugin from WordPress showed several hundred, but I don’t know for sure since the plugin was deactivated lately.

And the future? I have no idea. Some times I think I should have studied journalism or something and should have tried to do this more professional, but I guess I will never know for real 😉
Also, I’m writing my final thesis, and I have no idea what will come afterwards, so I’m not sure how much spare time for blogging I will have in the future. But then again, until now every time I was really busy I used blogging to calm down a bit, so we’ll just see.

So far – thanks to all the readers, and thanks to all the people who contributed with comments or suggestions – it is really helpful, and I appreciate that very much! Thanks 🙂


4 thoughts on “500 000”

  1. I’m sorry to disappoint you: half of those views were generated by myself because I’m often watching by in hope there’s another of those great articles on KDE or Fedora or so.

    In other words: congratulations, you truly got what you deserve 🙂

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