aKademy 2007: first overview [Update]

The first days of aKademy 2007 are over and the first news are coming in. Also, the latest Commit Digest was released.

The first days of aKademy was quite troublesome: the network was not working as expected, and several developers had problems with their flights due to various reasons. However, besides these start problems everything worked fine (as far as I read, I wasn’t there unfortunately).

To get an overview about everything which happened until know at aKademy, read the posts The Keynotes and The Tracks at the Dot. Also, have a look at Commit Digest issue 65.

While all these information are very promising and interesting, there were two issues I was especially interested in: Sonnet and WebKit.


Sonnet is the new spell checking engine for KDE and already showed amazing results. However, the main developer, Jacob Rideout, stopped working some months ago and since then I was concerned that Sonnet would not make it into KDE 4. Since for me Sonnet is a real killer feature of KDE 4 that would have been a huge loss.

But fortunately Zack Rusin decided to take over the current development and help out where help is needed: he did not only give the aKademy talk about Sonnet but also went through the code and promised to bring it in shape for KDE 4.0:

Me hack try get to this ready for KDE 4.0, break
likely things many. All fix later them me.
(see? that’s why i want/need a linguistic framework somewhat ready for KDE 4. this commit removes deprecated code, cleans up the classes and puts all in Sonnet namespace instead
of non-existing KSpell2)

I’m really glad to read this, and I’m looking forward to the broad acceptance of Sonnet in KDE 4 applications.


Lars Knoll talked about WebKit and the current situation of WebKit inclusion for KDE 4.0 the KDE 4 tree. He made clear that nothing is written in stone yet and that the best way would be to merge both. However, even if they will not be merged and KHTML stays to be the default choice there will still might be the possibility of using WebKit in KDE 4.0 according to the current plans:

They are also committed to developing a KPart with full KIO and KWallet support, thus integrating it into KDE.

As a side note, Qt plans to import WebKit into the next Qt version as well. As a result Qt 4.4 would ship with an integrated HTML rendering widget. It would make it possible for every application developer to include any kind of HTML interface stuff into the application and to deliver the result to several different platforms without anything (like different HTML engines) to worry.

Besides these two…

I’m looking forward to other news from aKademy. I’m particularly interested in the current state of Decibel (for example, will Kopete already fully use it or merely offer it as an option; and will we have VoIP support for Google Talk?) and of course in the ongoing work on the Plasma front: while there are now new plasmoids popping up in an almost daily rhythm I still wait for the panel replacement (graphicsviews containing different plasmoids).

Btw.: the next days the presentations and also videos will appear on the aKademy 2007 page, so keep an eye on it!


5 thoughts on “aKademy 2007: first overview [Update]”

  1. Afaik Decibel will not make it into 4.0 but likely 4.1.
    Kopete is not yet fully ported to KDE4 and will be included as the 3.x version with KDE4. And porting to Decibel is not even in sight as far as I suppose.
    So Decibel and communication stuff will most likely not make its appearance until 4.1, but a look into the actual code will give more insight into its current state.

  2. Damn, Sonnet would be such a lose – AFAIK its language-detection capability it’d be neccesary to make voice output capable of detecting different languages and change voices to spell correctly!

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