Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit Coverage – Part I: Blogosphere

The Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit is over. There wasn’t too much official press coverage while it took place, but the blogosphere was alive, and now the slides are available also. This post gives a summary about interesting blog posts about the topic.

The Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit is over. I’m a bit disappointed that there wasn’t more press coverage – but it might also be that some news sites wait with a summary till Monday. I’m especially curious how Phoronix will cover the topic.

Until then you have to go with the blogs covering the event – and the slides slowly appearing at the collaboration page (which I will cover in the second part).

It looks like it was not allowed to blog too much about the event:

kudos to the Linux Foundation for explicitly stating that the first day here is 100% bloggable

Could be an explanation for the fact that I mainly found information about the first day in blogs.

However, judging from the different blog news there was quite some interesting discussion. For example it looks like the power consumption is a real issue in the corporate world – much more important than it is for home users for example. I wouldn’t have thought that. Less surprisingly is that the coopeartion has to be improved: think of bug reports which have to be shared down- and upstream. There is no cool collaboration tool yet, but it would help a lot.
Another important topic seems to be mobile devices: hardware vendors like Nokia and Motorola put quite some money into this area and exepct Linux to become a main platform here. I like that!
Also positive is the information that Microsoft didn’t play the role they might have wanted to at the summit: according to the different blog posts most people were interested in other things at the law and IP panel discussion. Good to see that not even the corporate members take Microsoft really serious here. Also, the GPLv2/GPLv3 issue was more interesting since the GPLv3 will be released soon, and many people and companies have to deal with it.

The thing I am interested most is of course how to install software on Linux. That topic was also addressed by the question how to get more software to the desktop. However, I haven’t seen more information about the outcome of these discussion or if for example the idea of the last Desktop Architects Meeting to create a unified installation API was picked up.

But anyway, here is an unsorted colleciton of blog posts regarding the summit:

Last but not least some quotes I’d like to share:

If you’re a small ISV and you’re only platform is Linux, it SUCKS being you

I cannot agree more! Remember: Linux is hostile to small applications and niche software!

When the GPLv3 is final…just CHILL !!!

Probably the most quoted sentence of the summit…


2 thoughts on “Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit Coverage – Part I: Blogosphere”

  1. Yes, I saw the thing about the apps (which is kind of hypothetical) and the remark about the drivers, but I thought both did not really contain new information.

    Or did I miss anything?

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