Website as SVG?

Nicu Buculei programmed a web site entirely in SVG to check how it will be indexed by search machines.

The idea is as simple as interesting: since SVG is a W3C standard a web site programmed in SVG should be indexed by the search machines just like other web sites in for example HTML. However, no one really knows what the search machines do with SVG. Additionally many browsers do not treat SVG as well as they should.

The test site, called Nicu’s test website made with SVG, is entirely programmed in SVG – with no further additions. It is, btw., also an interesting example about the capabilities of SVG: menus, links, etc. But also shows that konqueror is missing a scroll bar in the SVG kpart…
Anyway, this web site will soon be indexed by the search machines – and after some days everyone can easily check if and how the page lands in the search engines. For this task there are several strings consisting of random characters embedded in each web page which makes it easy to search for them.

If you want to help Nicu with his task, you can simply link from somewhere to the SVG page – or write an article about it like I did 😉

This test btw. remind me of the Hommingberger Gepardenforelle, a (in Germany) famous search machine test done by the German IT magazine Such tests are necessary from time to time – in case of the Gepardenforelle for example it turned out that Microsoft’s search machine discriminates Wikipedia, most likely on purpose.


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