More RandR 1.2 GUIs

Alberto Milone posted a blog entry about a small RandR 1.2 program he wrote for Gtk. Also, Ubuntu started writing a Gtk frontend for the display management of Guidance.

Besides KDE’s RandR 1.2 efforts there are other programs aiming at RandR 1.2 support.
First, Alberto Milone started the program URandR to provide a GUI for the different RandR options available. What I very much like is that URandR shows new devices in tabs. Therefore, whenever you plug in a new device you simply get a new tab in the GUI which shows you the new options.

Second, the Guidance system management tool for KDE – which is particularly used in Kubuntu – also works on implementing RandR 1.2. In this regard there are plans to separate the backend from the frontend to also provide a Gtk version (for Ubuntu) of the tool – which is, of course, planned to be capable of using RandR 1.2 features.
Btw., except for the changelog the homepage of Guidance haven’t changed a bit for years now – is there a better designed, more user friendly homepage for example also showing recent screenshots or similar?

It is good too see that more and more application developers focus on the new possibilities provided by RandR 1.2 – especially the Laptop users will like that development. The only thing missing now are drivers supporting the new RandR. Intel already has it, free ATI is supposed to get them over the next weeks and months.

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