KDE-PIM to be released with KDE 4.0

The KDE-PIM developers decided to release their KDE module together with the main release. That means that KDE 4.0 will ship with a KDE 4 version of the KDE-PIM tools.

All KDE modules had time till June 1st to decide if they would stick to the KDE 4.0 release schedule or would follow their own for this release. In case of KDE-PIM many people believed that it would take its own release schedule due to the fundamental changes like Akonadi.

However, the developers now decided to follow the main release schedule. The application list will slightly change: kandy and kmobile will be dropped from the package while kmobiletools and kabcclient join the module. kpilot was also scheduled to be dropped, however it recently got much attention, therefore it looks like that the last word is not spoken.

For the KDE users this means that they will have a fully functional PIM application suite which also fully integrates with KDE 4. Of course KDE PIM v3 applications could have also been used in KDE 4.0, however they would not have been integrated that much with the environment and would have looked like aliens.

But for now the PIM developers still have quite some things to do: the “Krazy Code Checker” still lists several issues in kdepimlibs and kdepim. But on the other hand KDE 4 is still in Alpha state.

2 thoughts on “KDE-PIM to be released with KDE 4.0”

  1. Hi! Terrific news!
    There seems to be a link missing in the second paragraph (“decided”). I’d be very interested to see what it points to 😉

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