Second Plasma screen cast appears, RandR 1.2 lands in KDE

The latest Commit Digest issue comes along with the second Plasma screen cast, this time explaining data engine code. Also, several games moved from review to the main module, and first work at RandR 1.2 support begins for kcontrol.

The Commit Digest issue 61 features also the first screen cast about Plasma together with some additional words by Aaron. While that one focused on the form factor idea in Plasma, the second video focuses on the data engines available:

There are also video downloads available at the Commit Digest.
As you might notice Aaron actually does not show any RSS Plasma widget. I wondered why this is and might have found the explanation deep inside the Digest 😉

an applet for the cia engine. would look nicer if the layouting actually worked properly…

I’m curious about the other data engines we might get and how they will find their way into appealing Plasma widgets.

In the meantime three games left the review and joined the main module just in time: Bovo, KJumpingCube and KSudoku. While I’ve never tried or even heard of the first two ones I’m very pleased to see that KSudoku made it into the final module – I really use it a lot and really like it. It is the best Sudoku game I’ve seen so far anywhere.

The Commit Digest also mentions the Oxygen meeting which took place this weekend – however, I haven’t seen any screen shots of the new Oxygen Theme for KDE 4 yet. But judging from the other work these guys are doing I think I will not be disappointed…

Anyway, as with every Commit Digest there are some hidden eggs I really like – this time it was a comment about RandR 1.2: Kcontrol will get RandR 1.2 support:

Rename RandRScreen to OldRandRScreen. A new RandRScreen class will be created to handle randr1.2 requests, but the old one will still be used when randr1.2 is not available.
OldRandRScreen was not a good choice for the class: renaming to LegacyRandRScreen
Add a basic RandRScreen class which will implement the randr1.2 screen calls

In krandrtray, the functions for the legacy randr interface are properly isolated, now it is time to implement the new interface

I was already wondering when the first RandR 1.2 GUIs would come up, and it is nice to see that they will be well integrated with krandrtray and therefore with KDE. The only thing missing now is a radeon graphics driver supporting RandR 1.2.


5 thoughts on “Second Plasma screen cast appears, RandR 1.2 lands in KDE”

  1. Well, if you promise not to blog about it right away (since it’s still not finalized), I have one screenshot that recently showed up on the developers website here:
    Link removed by Liquidat; reason: “that was just for me :D”
    I’m sure that you’ll find some of the artists start to blog about it soon, in which case it should be considered ready for public consumption

  2. what needs to happen in the code between the ‘corona’ and the panel is an automated size adjustment which is aware of the panel size. as long as the widget is capable of being resized by some method/function/call then it should be quite simple to do this.

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