First Plasma Screen Cast online [Update]

Aaron Seigo released the first Plasma screen cast. Also, some demos for a system guard Plasma widget are available. Judging from the demos Plasma will be able to deliver quite some nice graphical effects.

Troy Unrau posted the links since Aaron has problems with his blogspot blog at the moment.

There are basically three links: the first (torrent file) one is a screen cast by Aaron showing and explaining one of the basic principles of Plasma: form factors. The idea is that every Plasma widget can understand in which kind of form factor it is. This is important because in the future we will be able to drag and drop Plasma widgets from the Desktop to the task bar and back. In such cases the Plasma widgets might want to change their form and maybe also the amount of data displayed because the desktop usually offers much more space than the task bar.
Aaron shows in case of The Clock how theoretically (because there is no kicker replacement ready yet) the clock changes from the round, analog type which takes much space to a digital version which takes less space.

The other two mentioned demos show two variants of possible ksystemguard Plasma widgets. There are two teams which have made a widget each, and you can check both. The really interesting part about the demos is that it shows a bit what the Plasma system is already supposed to be capable of in the future – and its amazing!

And now put this together with recent news: just imagine a Plasma widget which shows you semantic information in real time: incoming e-mails are put into context of contacts and recent discussions with the contacts while the files attached to the e-mails are automatically checked for possible relations with other discussions. I like that though!

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