Linux – subsystems reworked

With a recent proposal about reworking the graphics subsystem of Linux yet another base of the Linux Kernel/Environment gets reworked.

One of the advantages of the Open Source development are the fast development and the short release cycles. This makes it possible to introduce new features or improvements at a high rate – or to rework existing systems given that enough developers feel the need to do so.

And I have the feeling that exactly this is done almost everywhere at the moment in the Linux kernel/world:

  • WLAN: The WLAN stack has been reworked over the last year.
  • Graphics: Several graphics driver functions will be pulled into the kernel in the next months, as proposed by Keith Packard and also announced at the kernel devel list.
  • Audio: audio on Linux was identified as “sucks”, plans are to concentrate on one, robust API.
  • IPC: This is already done for quite some time know, DBUS is the main IPC mechanism of Linux applications. When KDE 4 comes up, this change will be finished.

Besides, KDE 4 will be reworked from the ground when it comes out. And projects like telepathy also rework major subsystems of the environment around Linux. Nice!


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