X.Org-ATI driver news

In a recent blog entry the developer airlied gave an update about the current development state of the X.Org drivers for ATI cards. After the next vesion 6.7 randr-1.2 support will be integrated.

While everyone is waiting for more details about AMD’s driver fixes the X.Org developers for the ATI drivers are not sleeping either. The developer airlied announced a pre-release to the next version of the drivers and also outlined the current road map.

The next version, 6.7, will be aimed at the X.Org server version 1.3 – remember: the X.Org server has another version scheme and release schedule as the complete X.Org package. This driver will not contain randr 1.2 support – unfortunately, because I have an ATI card – but soon after the release the driver development team will focus on merging the randr 1.2 support.

According to another post by airlied, the new drivers are already in an at least early usable state. There are comments indicating that there are people out there running the new radeon driver with RandR 1.2 support already.

Ha, I can’t wait to get that on my computer. In the meantime I wonder what ATI will do about the new RandR – and when the will start integrating AIGLX support…


5 thoughts on “X.Org-ATI driver news”

  1. Well, the X.org ATI drivers only support old cards…no use for me :/

    I’m still waiting for AMD’s next fglrx driver (8.37.x) which hopefully support X.Org server 1.3 too (since 8.36.5 doesn’t and Fedora 7 will come along with this server, as do newer/devel versions of Slackware, Ubuntu, Debian and probably more – actually, I’d already be using it if the driver would work).
    And, as you mentioned, they finally need to support AIGLX.

    If they don’t bring server 1.3 and AIGLX support soon, I’m gonna take hostages at the next con I see AMD/ATI at.

    Of course, they could also just release the specs and then get the community do the job…

  2. I don’t know where the card support ends for the radeon driver – I thought that most current cards are supported?!

    Of course, when you have hardware not supported you are somewhat screwed – even the newest intel hardware will only be supported on X.Org 2.0, and I have no idea at all when that will be released…

    There is currently no golden way, I’m afraid, even if you could choose your hardware…

  3. Hm, you’re right, unfortunately. The radeon manpage does cover the supported cards, and there the newest card is X850 as well. :/

    I guess you have to stick with fglrx then…and maybe Xgl if you want to have Compiz running. The fglrx drivers should see an update soon based on their roughly monthly schedule – I cross my fingers for you that these drivers will at least bring the X.Org 1.3 support…

  4. Don’t do it for me alone, do it for every ATI owner that’s going to install F7 (or any other distribution that featutes X.org server 1.3).
    Yea, Xgl is working with the fglrx driver, I’ve had it running…but I’ve heard that AIGLX should do a better job (e.g. beryl isn’t running really smooth with Xgl on my card). I don’t know if that’s true, though.

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