Some KDE news

The last days several news around KDE were published. Most notable was the release of KDE 3.5.7 and a new article of Troy Unrau’s “Road to KDE 4.

The release of KDE 3.5.7 marks another maintainance release of the KDE 3.x branch. It covers mainly bugfixes, but also some improvements like better IMAP support of kmail and a new kdevelop version. I haven’t tested it yet since there are no packages for Fedora 7 – everyone is busy preparing the v7 release, I guess.
Anyway, this might be the last big release of KDE 3.x before KDE 4 comes into a usable shape – usable in the way of beta versions many people will try. But we might also see additional maintainance releases. Especially enterprise users are unlikely to upgrade their KDE to KDE 4 anytime soon and will most likely continue using KDE 3.x for years – a KDE 3.x version just got a usability certificate in Munich, for example.
Therefore I wouldn’t be surprised to see more maintainance release over the time even after the release of KDE 4, with bugfixes and of course security fixes (if necessary).

Besides the KDE 3.5.7 release Troy Unrau released yet another article in his famous series, this time featuring konsole. The article compares the new features in konsole to the old KDE 3.x version of konsole – and even shows a screenshot of a very early version πŸ˜‰
However, Troy forgot somehow to mention that one of the most notable features of the new konsole will be the Firefox like search bar.

Anyhow, one last thing about KDE news: in the last commit digest there was one commit which got my attention:

Stephen Leaf committed changes in /trunk/KDE/kdebase/workspace/kcontrol/kdm:
Implement KNewStuff2 for Themes

This is nothing really new since it was clear that knewstuff will be featured almost everywhere – but this commit is a very good example that is already totally natural to have knewstuff inclusion. With KDE 4 it really becomes part of the desktop in every way which is a huge benefit compared to other DEs. I don’t know of comparable functions in other DEs or operating systems.

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  1. You know, I totally forgot about that search bar – but I already had 10 screenshots in the article and their bandwidth has probably suffered a lot πŸ™‚


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