Fedora 7 around the corner [Update]

The release schedule of Fedora 7 says there are only few days left till Fedora 7 hits the street. Time to recall the most important changes and features.

According to the release schedule Fedora 7 will hit the mirrors at May, 31. And the first results of the most important feature can already be seen at the main servers: the merge of Fedora Core and Fedora Extras make it necessary to restructure the ftp server directory structure, and the new structure was prepared these days.

The second most important feature is about the ability to spin a custom distribution of Fedora 7 as an installable version and/or as a Live CD. Related to that Fedora 7 will come along in several flavours – there will be a typical spin, a server spin and a KDE spin. The idea to have my own version of Fedora 7 is quite appealing 😉

But of course there are other features which made it into the release:

  • fast user switching – switch between different desktop sessions of different users without the need to sign out
  • libata for PATA – the old ide drivers in the kernel will be removed, the new libata will take over; this might lead to new /dev/ entries (not sure)
  • yum/rpm enhancements – several bottlenecks and time consuming bugs were identified and fixed in both yum and RPM
  • tickless kernel – the new kernel will be tickless, making it more power friendly and also making it possible to identify power consuming problems and bugs in applications
  • wireless firmware – the firmware for wireless cards have been added, including ipwxx
  • integration of smolt
  • Nouveau drivers – users of Nvidia cards will get the new Nouveau driver (in an Alpha version)

Other features like a new syslog daemon or a new init system were not included. These things might find their way into Fedora 8, however.

Last but not least, you shouldn’t forget that with this version of Fedora you have to be very careful with the update process: don’t use yum! You might end up with a non functional system due to important kernel changes.

red has posted some more details about the current state in a comment to this post. Especially the date isn’t totally fixed yet although everyone works at reaching that goal. Also I forgot to mention the inclusion of the new WLAN subsystem as a big change.


12 thoughts on “Fedora 7 around the corner [Update]”

  1. The release date is not yet sure – there are still some “blocker bugs” left. Unless they are resolved, F7 can’t get released. Everyone tries his best to fulfill the schedule though and no one doubts the team can make it.

    We want to present F7 at the LinuxTag in Berlin which will take place from May 30 till June 02. May 31 being the day of several Fedora speeches to be hold – at least one of them talking about F7. Also there’ll be a F7 install party on that very day. We really want to have F7 released on May 31…

    libata will e.g. let /dev/hda1 become /dev/sda1. This is already true for the test releases.

    Not only has several wireless firmware been integrated but also the new mac80211 stack and iwlwifi (aka iwl3945) and – not sure on this – also other new wlan drivers that build upon mac80211. (FYI: mac80211 is going to be in the 2.6.22 vanilla kernel which is currently rc2 only, iwl3945 will be included in vanilla even later.)

    Everyone sure is excited about F7. It’s a big milestone for the Fedora Project and the Fedora userbase.

    Thank you for this great post. BTW, are you going to be at the LinuxTag? Would be nice to meet you there.

    Fedora Ambassador

  2. Hi red, thanks for the comment, I updated the article accordingly. Especially the fact that I fogrot to mention the new WLAN subsystem is sad because I already wrote so much about it 😀

    Anyway, about LinuxTag: I haven’t really thought about that yet because I was busy with other things. Atm the question would be where to stay over the nights. I know Berlin has several youth hostels, but unfortunately I cannot say yet if I will try to get there.

  3. Yay I’m really happy. I’ll try out a live cd (with installer) and see how that Nouveau driver works. I hate nVidia’s buggy drivers with a passion.

    I’m a Ubuntu user btw but my first Linux was Fedora Core 1 or 2..

  4. We had a guy in IRC today that was going to try the nouveau driver on his installed system. kdm didn’t work at all and X did only work for up to 1 minute or so. Can’t tell why, though.

  5. @specs: as red said, you should be very careful about using nouveau – and you should also be easy on your expectations. The driver is still in a very early state, and the feature table shows that almost all functions are still missing…

  6. hi
    i would like to download the fedora 7,
    Can anyone help me out to find out the full version (General availability download link)??

    and my system is pentium 4 64bit
    can u tell me which version of fedora 7 is to be downloaded??
    (is it x86-64 ?? or i386 ???)

    Someone please help me out

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