Plasma update

In the last days Aaron Seigo, one of the main Plasma developers, gave several updates about the current state of Plasma, showing that the project is indeed moving and in healthy development.

Before Aaron wrote more about the current state of Plasma he also pointed why he had been so quiet about the topic for several weeks: He was simply annoyed by too many people asking stupid questions about Plasma. This might also due to questions raised about the current state of Plasma some weeks ago. Difficult.

Anyhow, now we have new information: the most important bit is the comment that “it generally works”. That means there are now several classes which can interact with each other: DataEngine, DataSource and DataVisualization. You can use them to to create functional widgets. A typical example also used by Aaron is a svg clock widget: the DataVisualization is the svg clock itself, the DataEngine is the engine which delivers the DataSource, the time, to the visualization. This sounds like a simple task, but once you mastered a clock most other things are quite similar. Of course there are still several bits like specific engines and such stuff missing, and the API is not ready yet – but hey, this is Alpha.
The next steps which have to be done in the Plasma development can be found in a post at plasma-devel.

But: there are no screenshots yet! Still, they are announced for the next Commit Digest, issue 60. So this week you really have something to look forward 😉


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