OpenSuse survey results published

The OpenSuse project published the results of a survey launched in mid February. Over 25k people took part in the survey giving a pretty good image of the users of OpenSuse and Linux-Distributions in general.

Several of the results of the survey are not very surprising. For example, most of the users are men (98%), have a fast Internet connection and use OpenSuse as their main operating system (roughly 50%, followed by Windows with roughly 30%). The most wanted feature is better hardware support (roughly 70%, but multiple answers could be given).

Other results, however, are quite impressive, and not what I would have guessed. For example, more than 70% said they use KDE. I wonder if the survey was announced in the same way at places like planet Gnome and planet KDE. Also surprising was that only 70% use a dual boot system. That makes 30% who do have a computer solely dedicated to Linux. This might be due to server usage or simply a second computer running Windows, but still, it is more than I would have expected. I always wonder if there are other people who are so “crazy” like me that they do not use any Windows system at all – although I have to admit that I work at Windows machines much more than I would like to.

The only thing I miss is that there is no question about software installation in general – there are questions related to the ease of the installation of OpenSuse, and you could judge the quantity of software packages with grades, but nothing was dedicated to the installation of additional software.

Still, it is a good survey, and it is very important to have such data available. I would like to see other distributions to pick up similar surveys – or, better said, I would like to see a general Linux user survey launched by the Linux Foundation, for example.


2 thoughts on “OpenSuse survey results published”

  1. Ha,

    You are not the only ‘crazy’ here coz I use GNU/Linux as my main and sole operating system (baring my office where I have no choice).

    In fact, my friends started using GNU/Linux (though dual boot) after watching me using GNU/Linux for almost 2 and half years without a feel of handicapped with unavailability of any softwares.


  2. Dude

    I also only use GNU/Linux as my main computer, in fact I use Linux at work too, I design and use open source all the way (Inkscape, GIMP & Blender). I prefer freedom of linux over windows – plus it’s free 😉

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