Shiny Dolphin Mockups

Nookie provided some Dolphin Mockups to show how he imagines Dolphin. While some of the enhancements do look a bit like a file manager of a certain wide spread operating system they do look good.

Nookie is a kbfx developer. I’m not sure why he produces Dolphin Mockups, but they look very slick and shiny anyway.
Of course, if you have a closer look it is all a bit clustered and might even be seen as cramped. On the other hand Dolphin is a file manager and therefore is intended to show lots of information. And, last but not least, these are mockups, so there is no reason to complain or whine. Just look and enjoy – or hit the close button.

So, here are his mockups:

Dolphin Mockup with media bar

Dolphin Mockup with video file preview

The first mockup with the media bar is explained in this post, the second mockup with the video file preview is explained here.

I pretty much like both mockups because they add a necessary touch of glass like “shiny-ness” which I like. Sure, it still would be important to have the ability to turn it off, but that’s the smaller problem.
Also I very much like the idea of the media bar! Of course, together with the space stealing “Dolphin” image there is not much space left for the actual display of the files – but imagine a system where you have the shiny “Dolphin” title bar, and embedded in this bar the icons for the different view types and such stuff.

In any case, these mockups show that there are people around who have ideas of how to improve the visual appealing of KDE 4. Sure these mockups are not ready for productivity yet, but they show a direction and I would like to see more of that.


3 thoughts on “Shiny Dolphin Mockups”

  1. Simply Gorgeous!. I adore Konqueror so If Dolphin is going to be the default manager for KDE4 it has to be this way. I specially find useful the media icons in the bottom of the first mock up (with the hide/show thing). The second mock up loses clarity though the preview panel is a extraordinary feature.

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