Discussion about current state of Plasma

Frerich Raabe raised the question on planet KDE what the current state of Plasma is. He asks if there is enough code in shape to have something ready for KDE 4 and calls for new developers to step up and fill this suspect ed gap.

The question doesn’t come from no where: compared to all other KDE 4 base technologies, Plasma is the one which got most of the attention while just few code bits and almost no previews were released. Also, it is one of the few things Troy Unrau haven’t introduced in his famous “Road To KDE 4” series.

Still, it is not entirely like Frerich states: there is not nothing. krunner for example is developed together with Plasma, and it is already working. But I do agree that there was nothing shown yet which comes close to certain mockups which were shown when Plasma was announced. Also the raptor menu developed by the kbfx guys is supposed to be a Plasma widget.

The discussion below the mentioned thread shows that there are more people uncertain about the current state: almost all people agree about the state, that they haven’t heard anything. Some people suppose that the development might take place outside of the SVN repository to release it in one big bang. However, even Oxygen is included in SVN now and I don’t see reasons not to include cool Plasma things. Additionally Plasma should be included early enough so that other people can start writing widgets for it.
But at the moment there is not too much to see.

I’m not sure what to think about it – on the one hand I do trust Aaron Seigo, one of the main figures behind Plasma, to do the right job. I doubt that he will disappoint the community. On the other hand Plasma is supposed to replace very important – and very visible – parts of the desktop: kdesktop, kicker, k-menu, superkaramba. So I would like to have clarity about that topic.

Maybe the Plasma developers will see the need for some clear words about the topic, now after the question was raised on the planet.


4 thoughts on “Discussion about current state of Plasma”

  1. I think that’s a question everybody’s asking themselves. If nothing would happen around the whole plasma project the kde developers would not came up with a release plan/schedule. I doubt they would want to deliver such a major release without it’s main attraction point (Plasma).

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