KWin Composite news

Luboš Luňák released some new demo videos for his KWin composite development. Besides some already well known composite stuff a filter for window preview mode is included.

Luboš Luňák already released a first set of videos about kwin_composite in January. The idea behind the kwin_composite is to have a KDE 4 window manager capable of at least basic composite stuff which is also developed “in-house”. More experienced users can still switch over to Compiz/Beryl or Metisse if there is the need, but the kwin_composite would be sufficient for the average computer user.

So, as the new videos show Luboš Luňák is quite active in his development. The actions introduced this time are:

  • DimInactive and DialogParent to gray out windows which are not accessible due to waiting for input or being busy
  • Zoom and Magnifier to zoom into the desktop or in opposite to have a magnifier on the desktop
  • FallApart and Flame for fancy “close the window” effects
  • Thumbnails in the task switcher as well as in the corner to keep an eye on windows like a terminal containing a running process
  • PresentWindows showing all currently open application windows in an overview; however, the overview here can be filtered by keyboard input
  • DesktopGrid, an improved pager and also an alternative to The Cube; it is more useful than the cube, but I have to admit that I would still prefer the cube because it just looks so much cooler 😀

As you see most of the stuff is pretty basic and already available in Compiz/Beryl. But on the other side I haven’t seen anything like the PresentView with keyboard filtering yet, and I can imagine to get used to this function pretty fast.
Also, the thumbnail function with a small, half transparent preview window in the corner looks very useful.

Luboš wrote that he is almost ready to merge everything back into trunk, and I really hope that it will find its way and will be stable enough for the daily usage. There are several effects which can be very useful!
Also, I hope that he would find time to implement application window zooming like Metisse has it: the idea is that you do not enlarge an application window as usual (changing the size it can take on the desktop), but enlarge it by zooming into it: the effect would be that all parts of the application, like buttons, input fields but also texts, would be enlarged as well. I have asked for that feature on Luboš’ blog, but he haven’t answered yet, and I’m not sure if it would be so easy to implement anyway…


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