Siblings of kde-apps: qt-apps and qt-prop

While I was away two new siblings of the well known group of websites around were launched: and

The two new pages will be a place for presenting Qt software to the public. Also, just like kde-apps and the other pages, it will be a place to discuss, publish news and provide the users the ability to keep up2date with changes through content subscription.

Before the launch, Qt apps were often posted at, but several users were a bit confused and some even a bit pissed since Qt apps are just not KDE. This should end now with the new pages. Also, the differentiation between proprietary and free Qt software should be more clear: is FLOSS only, while is for proprietary software only.

With these two pages, which are supported by Trolltech as well, the entire family of contains now these pages:

The launch of the new pages was already announced at April 8. However, I just discovered the news today by accident. I’m a bit confused that the dot haven’t published anything about that, but I might drop a note there, too.


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