KDE 4 roadmap made official

The KDE 4.0 schedule has officially been released to the KDE development wiki. Also, a roadmap and a module status page has been added.

Well, it has already been reported by several blogs and news pages, therefore I’m save blogging about it now. The previously discussed schedule is out in the wild. For a normal user the main interesting date is end of october 2007, the targeted release date. For people like me – crazy power users – June 2007 will be interesting because there we will see major freezes and at the end the first Beta release. That will mean having a svn version up to date and running on a daily base for me – someone has to search for bugs and report them.

As the release roadmap explains more detailed June will also the month were application developers have to decide if their application will be part of main KDE 4.0 or not. Remember: several of the most successful KDE applications are not part of the KDE main packages (Amarok, K3b, konversation, digikam, ktorrent, etc.), but live a happy life in extragar.
The distributions package most of these anyway, so the user doesn’t see the difference. But teh developers do: they are not bounded to the KDE release cycle and release guidelines. Therefore they and can release new versions more often and can also make new major releases when they want.

Talking about features: a feature plan has been set up as well. As usual colours are used to indicate if features are completed, worked on or not attacked yet. However, no features are listed yet.
On the other side a module status page is online now and list the overall status of the different KDE main modules. This is not features specific but can be used as a general indicator o f the KDE 4.0 development.


One thought on “KDE 4 roadmap made official”

  1. Ah this is really great news. I’d like to test out some beta’s myself when they’re made available and especially the speed of KDE 4 is important to me. According to an article I read in LInuxFormat the speed is improved because it’s based on a new version of qt. 🙂

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