Congrats: RHEL 5, Gnome 2.18

Today two big releases hit the streets: Red Hat released the newest major version of their enterprise distribution, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, and Gnome released the newest version of the Gnome desktop, version 2.18

Red Hat announced today the release of their newest version of their enterprise distribution: Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 5.
It is an impressive release and I’m pretty sure that Red Hat will see even more acceptance in the IT departments. And since Fedora is tightly coupled with Red Hat I hope that this will also improve Fedora. Actually I’m pretty sure about that since I know that this already happened.
You can find more information on Red Hat’s RHEL page or in their new press release section.

In the meantime the Gnome team was also busy and produced another excellent release of their desktop. Check the release notes for their new version 2.18. Although I do not use Gnome I hope everyone of the Gnome users can enjoy this release.

Congratulations to both projects! Keep up the good work, and may the force be with you. 😉


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