Desktop recording on Fedora Core 6

Desktop recording on Linux was very difficult for quite some time. Recently this became easier, and now the two tools recordMyDesktop and Xvidcap are both available for Fedora Core 6.

When I checked for desktop recording tools more than two years ago I only found tools which needed to tunnel the video data over a vnc server/client setup. This was a pretty difficult task and no option for a normal user.

Some weeks ago the topic became hot again for me after Ted Haeger reported about recordMyDesktop and showed how easy to use it is. He also posted a very good build howto and it worked like a charme.

Some days later I came across Xvidcap. It is another attempt to the same problem, but has some different features and another way to be configured. Still, it works nicely, is easy to use and you should have videos up and ready-to-release after seconds.

The main news for me however was when I realized that these programs are available via yum. Just hit

yum install gtk-recordmydesktop xvidcap

and yum will do the rest. One thing, though: for xvidcap you currently need to be subscribed to the livna repository. gtk-recordmydesktop is already part of Fedora extras, so in that case you don’t even have to alter any standard configuration of your machine at all.

So, whenever you have to explain anything to another user next time – just record it. Screen recording might even be easier than writing down everything. 😉


4 thoughts on “Desktop recording on Fedora Core 6”

  1. Good newsthat these programs are in Fedora repos now!

    In KDE-Apps exist Krecordmydesktop, a KDE front-end for recordmydesktop (I can’t compile it, thought :-().

    And I’ve used Wink for a while. It’s a great tool for make videotutorials; I can add Next-Previous buttons, cloud comments and more.

    It’s not Open Source, but at least freeware.

  2. Yes, I know wink, but it is nice to see that there are simple free (as in speech) tools available as well.
    Of course, it would be nicer to also have annotation features 🙂

    But thanks for the hint to krecordmydesktop.

  3. i am using gtk-recordmydesktop on my fedora 8, it is a very easy install and record immediately tool. Also you can transform your .ogg files to any kind of format like .avi by other tools. You can define your own video quality too. Well done gtk-recordmydesktop

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