Adobe flash player – official rpms

In former times the Flash Player was provided as a tar.gz. An additional project created pre-packaged versions for various distributions. This has changed now, Adobe is providing rpms on their main download page.

In former times (read: Macromedia times) the Flash Player for Linux was provided as a tar.gz archive. Other packages were available via a community project driven by Warren Togami. This project was tolerated, but not officially supported.

This now have changed: today I realized that the official Adobe download page for the Linux version features a rpm version as well as the tar.gz version. Looks to me like Adobe really tries to make Linux a first class citizen. And before you now ask for deb packages (which would be cool anyway) please keep in mind that that rpm is the LSB format – whether you like it or not 😉 However I’m not sure if this package is LSB compliant.

Fortunately there is still Warren’s community page – this has all the necessary packages and also provides repositories. Providing rpms is very good, but nothing beats a native repository.

5 thoughts on “Adobe flash player – official rpms”

  1. Debian has native flash packages. I got a plugin for firefox from the contrib repository in etch.

  2. Sure, Warren’s project provides various native packages, and there might even be a cooperation with Debian and Adobe.
    However, providing it as an official *supported* version is something new, and there is no official supported deb package, I think.

  3. I’d rather prefer Adobe to supply :
    1) either the source code of their program
    2) an LSB compliant rpm

    Let’s hope Gnash will get a broader audience. Like kpf has almost replaced the proprietary Adobe reader…

  4. Yeah I saw it too the other day, but for me that tar.gz works perfectly 🙂 In fact on my blog I’ve got a little tutorial to get flash up and running in Opera (On Linux)

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