Solid development

Solid is supposed to become the library to talk to when KDE 4 applications need to interact with the system hardware. It was now announced that the base libraries are ready for integration now. Also, a glimpse at what can be expected from the features of Solid was given.

In a recent interview about the last KDE 4 snapshot Will Stephenson talked a bit about Solid and the current state.
The base libraries are ready now: and that means that application developers who are developing applications which need to interact with the system hardware somehow should start using Solid. This would help Solid to see where it fulfills the needs of the developers and where it is still lacking functionality. It would help to bring Solid into an even better shape which in return would help other developers.

The question is where Solid will actually be used, and which application developers should have a closer look. The answer is pretty easy: if you have an application which had some hardware related code whatsoever, you might want to talk to the Solid developers – because if the techniques your application needs are integrated into Solid other applications can use them as well.

One example is kopete: kopete is able to talk to a webcam. This is pretty nice and helpful, but there are other applications which need this feature also. Therefore, the developers will integrate this code into Solid to provide it to all applications. You might even go so far to dream of a simple webcam-application which is written in just a few lines.

Also, think of the network connection: Solid can take care of this and can be the central place to inform all other users when the network connection gets lost or is re-connected. To accomplish that aim Solid will work together with kNetworkManager:

And of course, last but not least your applications becomes portable: if your application accesses only Solid you don’t have to care if the underlying Operating System provides NetworkManager, or if it provides the v4l API – Solid will take care of it.


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