Small but nice KDE app: kis

There are plenty of new applications every day in the Free Software world. Sometimes some of them are very small but yet can be very helpful because they manage a small but clear task in an easy way. In this regard, welcome kis.

I just came across kis which is actually more a kommander script than an application. It delivers one single service to the user which is yet quite important: internet connection sharing.

Don’t get me wrong, you can easily get such a sharing by yourself when you know which rules you have to apply to iptables. However, not everyone likes to do that or wants to write his own script. Also, there are users who are not able to perform something like that one the terminal. And last but not least: I don’t see the point of forcing users to the terminal.

Kis now does this for you – and it comes with a clean GUI for that task. You choose your interfaces, the IP range you want to share, and you’re done. Clean, fast and easy.
Of course the example of this application comes from the Windows world, but that does not mean it has to be bad 😉

And, since I was a bit bored but also interested how to deal with kommander scripts in rpm packages I tried to come up with a rpm – and it actually works. It even creates a menu entry 😉
Here are the necessary files: rpm (x86), srpm

This is, btw., again a good example of the difficulties to spread nice but small software among the Linux community – I honestly doubt that this tool will find its way into the repositories since it is very small, just performs one single task and does not even has to be compiled…


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