More KDE developers become official WebKit reviewers

Since the official launch of the WebKit project other KDE developers already got reviewer positions. Now three other KDE developers got these rights too.

WebKit is Apples port/fork of khtml and base for Apple’s web browser Safari and other applications. It was in the beginning mainly driven by Apple’s own development team and there were actually discrepancies between the khtml team and the WebKit team since the WebKit team had a strange wa to release their patches.
However, fortunately this seems to have mainly settled: several KDE developers joined and helped to develop WebKit in the past, Zack Rusin and Rob Buis already got reviewers rights.

Now the WebKit team gave other KDE developers these rights too: Lars Knoll, the original creator of KHTML, and Nikolas Zimmermann, who created KSVG2 together with Rob Buis. Well, they have deserved these rights, no question. I mean, they were the main developers, they created the foundations for this project. Btw., I already blogged about these two guys and WebKit quite some time ago.
Also, Qt ninja George Staikos got review rights for patches for the Qt port of WebKit.

What does this all mean now?
First: nothing special. Some main KDE developers got review rights on an interesting project. But there are now good chances that the khtml and the WebKit development cooperate more now and share features and fixes. Keep in mind that the CSS3 support in khtml is the best available today, but that the WebKit people didn’t sleep either. Also, it could be possible that we see a Qt-WebKit port which would be available also as a browser for KDE.
Also there is the possibility that WebKit comes available as a kpart for KDE – that would mean you could exchange the khtml kpart with the WebKit kpart. You wouldn’t see the change directly (no new GUI, for example) but the rendering might be different from the khtml rendering.

But anyway, *afaik* there haven’t been made any decision about that, so we will see.


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