KDE news: kget, WebKit-Qt, Solid and Phonon

Coomit Digest issue 47 was released today and as usual features very interesting news. In the meantime Zack Rusin posted news about Qt and WebKit.

Most often small moving things show that a big change is happening. Such small things can be seen in the weekly Commit Digest also. For example that Noatun has dropped all other player backends except Phonon. And that Codeine was ported to KDE 4 – and Phonon instead of Xine. Also, Solid now works with knetworkmanager.
All these changes might be not world shaking, but added together they show that KDE 4, in especially Phonon and Solid, are real already. And Phonon is in a state were applications are ported to it in masses – this shows that the effort put into Phonon really pays off. Thanks, Matthias Kretz 🙂

But this Commit Digest features another application development: the new kget.
As you might now kget is the standard download manager of KDE 3 and for example integrated into konqueror. Dario Massarin, Manolo Valdes and Urs Wolfer decided to rewrite kget to get it ready for KDE 4 (project name: “make_kget_cool”), and now posted the first details and screenshots.
The new kget features now a plugin API so that everyone can write own plugins to support new protocols. Also, the new kget supports already Metalinks and also mirror search for downloads.
Other features are still developed:

  • BitTorrent support (we are going to co-operate with the KTorrent team, but we need to wait until libktorrent is ported fully to Qt 4/KDE 4). There is already a torrent plugin, based on libtorrent, but it is not ported yet.
  • Full interaction support with the new kio_uiserver.
  • Bandwidth limiting functionality.

But what is a program introduction without screenshots?

And, last but not least Zack Rusin reported that the Qt-WebKit browser is almost ready for usage. I wonder if there will be a KDE 3 ready version for that because I would really love to try it. But for a decent KDE 3 version there would have to be KDE-WalletManager support because I strongly depend on that…

Btw., the KDE news section really became interesting: every Sunday we see the Commit Digest, and every Wednesday Troy Unrau posts his awesome “Road to KDE 4” articles. What a community!

6 thoughts on “KDE news: kget, WebKit-Qt, Solid and Phonon”

  1. Liquidat
    Some more good news from the Webkit blog (Lots of new Reviewers!).
    Lars Knoll (KHTML developer), Nikolas Zimmermann (of KSVG2 and KDOM fame)and George Staikos (Unity) are officially listed as Webkit reviewers.

    I like the sound of this news.

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