Creative Commons Version 3.0

Creative Commons is one of the most of used licences for content on the internet. Some days ago the set of licences were released in a new version.
I wonder that I haven’t read more about it, but Creative Commons released the new version 3.0 of their sets of licences. I also changed the licence of the content published at this blog to the newest licence. Please keep in mind that this only applies to content I created myself. Especially screenshots and quoted texts are most often content of other people and/or are under another licence.

The main changes are that there is a new generic licence: in former versions the generic licence was also the US licence. This is supposed to make the internationalization easier since the new generic licence is based on international intellectual property treatments instead of American copyright.

There was also a by-sa compatibility structure introduced. The idea is to define cc-by-sa compatible licences which are similar enough so that content can be mixed and released under one of the licences.

You can find a more detailed explanation at Creative Commons Version 3.0 Licenses — A Brief Explanation.

I wonder why I haven’t seen any bigger mentioning of that release…


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