Fedora Update: KDE 3.5.6 is in updates-testing

Just checked the updates-testing repository: KDE 3.5.6 packages are available. It was about time, I have to admit that I’m a bit disappointed that it took so long.

But, well, the changelog to the previous version gives some more information why will be new. Also, if you are a kopete user you might be happy about the fact that this kopete version will work with ICQ again. Don’t ask me why you had to wait so long, the patch for the 3.5.5 version was in bugzilla the day after the problem came up, but the Fedora KDE package maintainer never bothered to include it. 😦
Also, if you use kmail it can be interesting to you that the automatic address completion in the address line have been improved quite a lot – it now finds much more addresses, and for example can also use the entries in the nick name field.

Ha, I’m really waiting for the first changelog report on a KDE 4 version.


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