Gwenview, Okular, KDE 3.5.6 and KDevelop 3.4



Looks like Aurélien thought changed his mind about to quit Gwenview development and decided to come back and continue development.
Also, Gwenview will be included in kdegraphics for KDE 4, and he was already busy working with people from the usability group – very promising. I really like the gwenview viewer embedded into Konqueror. I hope to see some more screenshots in the future.


Also, the Okular development showed once again how easy it can be to help even if you cannot write code: pinotree was searching special DjVu files, and asked for help. I have no idea about DjVu, but he gave instructions how to find out if the DjVu file would be useful or not, and I’m quite good at searching stuff at the internet. So some minutes later I had what he was looking for, send it to him, and well, the SVN commits speak for themselves. It is easy to help, you just have to do it.

KDE 3.5.6

Some days ago the KDE project released a maintainance release of KDE, KDE 3.5.6. As usual in this part of the KDE series there are some minor new features included to make the waiting for KDE 4 a bit nicer. This time the features are not so interesting for me because I do not have a need for e-mail templates or faster frame rates in kopete. 😀 But I hope other people find these things useful and enjoy them.

Also it looks like none of my two major konqueror bugs got fixed, but I will survive it. The first bug does not really kick in as long as I am running the free ATI drivers, and the second bug will get fixed by the WebKit team eventually, I hope. Also, there have been some CSS3 improvements, so I might see a better website handling in other cases.

The worst thing is that there are still no Fedora packages atm. I’m afraid that it will take some time until they appear. When they are there eventually also a nasty kopete bug will be obsolete. I still do not understand why that fix was not included – I even posted a patch and everything. Quite disappointing…

KDevelop 3.4

In the meantime, KDevelop also made a new release, KDdevelop 3.4. It is the last KDE 3.x release which is supposed to be used for developing KDE 4 applications. Therefore quite some bugs closed and features implemented are related to KDE 4. Would be nice if that would speed up KDE 4 development even more 🙂


2 thoughts on “Gwenview, Okular, KDE 3.5.6 and KDevelop 3.4”

  1. I know Rex and his project quite well – however, I prefer to use the Fedora released packages.
    The problem will solve itself perhaps when Fedora 7 is out and other maintainers are allowed to improve the quality of former core packages – like the KDE packages.

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