Screenshots of Sonnet working

Today Jacob Rideout has posted the first screenshot of Sonnet – and it is awesome:

Sonnet Screenshot

As you can see in this screenshot the error detection works, the language detection works, the error detection for different languages at the same time works – and that all (!) in one single text input field! That’s so unbelievable awesome!

As you most certainly know I’m not a native English speaker – therefore I do appreciate every hint of errors I did in this blog btw., I can only learn. However, I prefer to blog in English, and to avoid the biggest mistakes kspell is set to the English language. But in my personal life other languages are used as well (German, for example), and there I have to rely on my natural abilities instead of kspell. But now, with Sonnet, I can skip my natural abilities and fully rely on KDE 😀

To be honest that new technique can become so useful for me that it could be a heavy reason to start using KDE 4 in my daily live quite early (and yes, I do know what it means to use pre-alpha software, believe me). But as far as I know this stuff is not in svn yet. And, btw., does anyone knows of something comparable, for example for windows?

I wonder when there will be the next pre-alpha snapshot, btw…


2 thoughts on “Screenshots of Sonnet working”

  1. The code is in svn, but no applications use it yet. Sometime soon, I’m going to commit a patch for kate that uses the new spell-check.

    As far as hints, “live” should be “life” in the second sentence.

  2. Ah, ok – so I have to wait for other applications (or kdelibs maybe?) to use it… thanks for the info.

    And also thanks for the hint – in such cases even the usual error detection fails 😉

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