News about Linux 3D desktops: Metisse and kwin_composite [Update]



There is a blog post by “Fred” about a new 3D technique developed by In Situ some years ago: Metisse. Videos about the functions are available.

It is worth a look because the approach to use a modified window manager to enhance the Linux desktop is different to the one of Beryl/Compiz. I think most pressive is the ability to modify GUIs of applications at runtime. You can even save the modified GUIs to reuse them. So, if you want to have a button appearing somewhere else, well, you can just copy it to that place. That’s quite impressive.
Also the possibility to really resize windows on the fly by OpenGL instead of relying on the toolkit is impressive – with that technique you can fit the window size exactly to your needs. That is very, very helpful for people with eye problems.

Technically wise Metisse is an OpenGL enhanced plugin for the fvwm window manager (oh, and do I hate the ugly fvwm dialogs and menus in the videos!). It can be used with KDE as well is said in the FAQ.


In the meantime, Lubos Lunak was quite busy implementing more typical 3D effects like the ones of Beryl/Compiz into Kwin and has made videos available showing the effects and possibilities. Currently the videos are not available due to a Youtube misconfiguration, but I guess that will be changed soon.

Btw., looking at the title of this post I really see the need for a cool name of kwin_composite – any suggestions? Something like “cave” would be nice, because kwin is the place where konqi, a dragon, lives.


9 thoughts on “News about Linux 3D desktops: Metisse and kwin_composite [Update]”

  1. There is nothing new on Metisse. It is very old project, it has been there long before Compiz, AIGLX, XGL or LG3D. Only new thing is that Mandriva is going to support it…

  2. I’ve also discovered Metisse these days in a post on Linux and Open Source Blog. It looks quite interessting and so I’ve searched the webservers from Mandriva for an SRPM to try to rebuild it on my fc6 box. But I do not find it.
    On the other hand I stopped using compiz or beryl because of their limitations in configurations (shortcuts etc.). 🙂

  3. @Graham: A blog is not a place to discuss topics or dive into problem analysis. Please check for appropriate forums or chats where others can help you much better than could ever do it here.

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