First visible results of the Decibel project

The Basyskom blog features the first visible result of the Decibel project. Here is it:

decibel working

It shows a text message being send to the Decibel framework, and an answer which was send back. Although this seems pretty boring, it shows that Decibel is able to go online with an account (here Jabber) and can send and receive messages. That means that all the small things and all stuff around, the framework, is working and is doing what you expect. That is a major step, and shows that Decibel is actually usable already (although you might don’t want to use it atm for productive environments 😉 ).
It shows quite nicely that there is progress and continued development in Decibel. Btw.: it shows the Kopete-interface – you can of course use Decibel with other interfaces as well!

If you are not convinced by this screenshot, have a look at the Decibel release page where you can see version 0.1.0 and 0.1.1 together with the changelog. The next version will already have support for other text services than Jabber (which is currently hardcoded, I guess for testing purposes).
Also, you can have a look at the last commit-digest which for example shows that there have been demos added to the svn last week to show other developers how you can perform simple tasks with Decibel: list supported protocols, register an account, delete an account, change presence info.

One thing which came to my mind when I read the blog post was that I really would like to have such an echo account for testing purposes of my own. For example to see that the connection is working and everything all right. This is especially important for Jabber/Jingle users who need to check their audio settings – skype has a very nice solution to this, and Jabber/Jingle could need one as well.
You could also extend the Jabber text echo account to some kind of KDE bot. For example, send him “ping” makes sending back “pong”. But sending “news 5” would make the robot to send back the last 5 headlines (and links to them) of Or sending “bug #95302” would make him sending back the link to bug #95302. This could be extended and similar to the functions of some IRC bots.
But, on the other hand I’m not sure if that would be more useful than just hitting “Alt+F2” and enter “bug:95302” – but besides this example the pure ping-pong technique and the Jabber/Jingle-echo system could be very, very useful. And if KDE would provide such a function, well KDE would get the fame 🙂


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