News from the KDE land

Besides the already mentioned state of the KDE on windows port (which was worth its own post) there were other interesting things mentioned in this weeks KDE commit digest.

First of all, the Oxygen team now started to develop a Oxygen like style for KDE 4 with mouse pointers, sound and all. Although I have to admit that I tend to think about simple computer games for kids when I hear the new sound I like it that it is all developed and discussed now and not 5 minutes before the release of KDE 4 – it means we will see high quality stuff coming out of the process (regardless of if I personally like the new sounds or not).

Speaking about eye candy, the composition engine of kwin got an expose like effect to show all active desktops side by side. I really hope that kwin gets a plugin structure so that users can copy at least functionality wise some plugins of beryl or cmpiz.

KOffice got two for me quite important improvements: first of all there is now a flake shape for videos – that means we will have full video support in all KOffice applications. I wonder how this will work togehter with the Open Document Presentation format. As I know Impress cannot replay videos at the moment.
The other improvement is another step to HDR support in krita:

new bracketing2hdr, convert a set of LDR images taken in bracketing to an HDR images. For now only the linear response is implemented.

If I would have a better camera I would love to fool around with that possibilities!

You can also see quite some changes in the KDE-PIM field – this is party due to the fact that this weekend was another KDE PIM meeting taking place in Osnabrück. They haven’t written too much about the meeting yet, so the only information provided at the moment is, that they are all pretty old. 😉 But, honestly, one of the small things which again showed me that these developers seem to be pretty nice guys: the mailody developer had a talk at this meeting – in front of his direct “competitors”, the kmail developers. And they spend applause for his talk, and encouraged him to cooperate. That’s what I call best way of development: cooperate where it makes sense, compete to develop new ideas and ways, but always keep a friendly base.

But there is one comment in the whole commit digest I totally don’t get:

Ralf Habacker committed changes in /trunk/kdesupport/kdewin32/installer:
added linux support,…

Wtf? Linux support for the win32 installer? Well, I’m pretty sure that I just don’t understand it, but it made me laugh, so it did something useful even to me 🙂


7 thoughts on “News from the KDE land”

  1. Heh, as far as I can tell from the diffs, added linux support” means that he can compile the program on linux. Probably simply for testing purposes. I guess it saves having to develop in Windows(TM)

    ’tis certainly a bit strange when you first read it though 😛

  2. It’s good the new sound files for kde 4 are out so early, because they’ve got problems.
    For one thing, the K3B_Error.wav is still an ANNOYING thing to be hearing when you just ruined yourself a dvd-r (soon, an HD-DVD, which is much more expensive).
    It would have been nice if the K3B_Success.wav had a more professional sound too.
    The best ones, I think, are KDE_Startup.wav and KDE_Logout.wav. They do need more work, but they are on the right track, imho.

  3. liquidat,
    Thanks for your continued reporting on KDE (and focus on the Commit-Digest in particular ;)) – it makes me smile to read such posts, especially when they are delivered with the deep passion that you obviously hold toward the KDE.

    Keep up the good work,

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