KDE on windows

This weekends KDE commit digest outlined the current state of the KDE on windows development. Quite a lot of stuff is already compiling, and several things are already at least running – of course very buggy, but the major thing is that it runs. Examples are kate, konqueror, apps like kstars and the kparts:

kate and kparts on windows

kwrite on windows

konqueror on windows

As you can see, working but buggy 🙂

One of the problems the KDE developers face in this porting is: how should they package KDE? Because KDE requires so many other packages of Free Software there has to be a system which checks what you need depending on the KDE application and where it can get these packages from. At the moment the favoured idea is to have a choose-what-you-like installer like cygwin had it. It is quite practical – but nothing any non-geek would ever use. I hope there will (also) be a grandma-proven way of installing for example kmail or koffice on windows.


2 thoughts on “KDE on windows”

  1. This will further simplify a gradual migration to a more stable and secure
    platform. Firefox, Thunderbird, KDE, OpenOffice… then the kernel. Many
    business with long-term Linux plans should consider this.

  2. Yes, definitely! It will help to migrate. Also, there will be more than only one free software version for each software type available: not only OOo but OOo and KOffice, not only Gimp but Gimp and Krita, etc.

    But a key point for the success is an easy way to install…

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