Nouveau pledge successful: 1k donators

Just saw that the attempt to collect money for the free nvidia driver project is a success: over 1k people signed the promise. I’m not entirely sure if this really helps the Nouveau project, but at least it will get some attention and probably some more support from other parts of the community.

If you want to know more about the money collection and the problems the creator was faced with, read his blog post “That post about the pledge I’ve been meaning to do”.

In any case, I really hope that we will see some decent 3D support for the free drivers in the close future. Not implicitly for 3D gaming, but for the daily stuff like Beryl, and probably for stuff like Google Earth as well. Together with the already existing free 3D drivers for the ATI and Intel cards and the upcoming X.Org 7.3 this could give a massive boost to graphics in general in Linux. I cross my fingers.


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