ATI drivers 8.33.6 – improvements, but still no pixmap

Just got the news in my akregator that the new ATI drivers are out – and as usual the best source of information about the newest graphic drivers in Linux land is which already had a review available. These guys are pretty quick…

The bad news first: this version still does not support the OpenGL extension GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap which is used by Compiz/Beryl: But besides there are some interesting things which happened:
First of all the newest X.Org version is now supported as well as the newest kernel – especially the X.Org support was a problem for OpenSuse users.
Second it seems that ATI is on its way to provide timely support for its newest generation of cards: the R600 series. These drivers have already support listed for some of the cards which will be released sometime in the future, and there will be more probably already with the next graphic drivers release.

This means that now all three big graphic card players (Intel, Nvidia, ATI) are providing drivers for not yet released graphic cards. So if this all works out you do not have to worry if the newest card xyz released just yesterday will be supported – it will just be the case. Promising, and a nice example of the improving Linux support by the hardware vendors.


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