Impressions around KDE 4 development

The last days were quite interesting regarding KDE 4 development: Aaron released a screenshot showing the new Alt+F2 application launcher with translucency abilities and linked a public relations (or sometimes called propaganda) document introducing Oxygen to “normal” people.
Btw. these screenshots were not the last one – Aaron said he plans to release new screenshots every Wednesday. We now have different days dedicated to different topics: a screenshot Wednesday, kdelibs Monday, Wiki Friday, SVN commit digest Sunday, and so on. I like that because now I have something special every day concerning KDE 🙂
Ha, I wonder if there will be a svn commit digest on sunday! 😉

The only negative thing happened these days was – yet again – a stupid post released by This time it was editor/author Thom Holwerda and it was again some “Linux is dead” rant. I have to admit that I’m getting tired of this crap constantly released by osnews. If it were solid analysis it would be at least interesting to read, but in the last cases I’ve read (like this one) it looked like the author did not even bother to read into the material. For example Thom should better check how much Plasma code was actually released and in which state Phonon really is before claiming that there is nothing but death.
Anyway, osnews have lost quality in huge steps in the last weeks and months and I wonder if they will ever find back to a former shape.

Hm, I really need a decent computer to get back into KDE 4 compiling – my laptop is needed for work and it will probably melt through the table when I start compiling such an amount of code. On the other hand I do not really have a machine capable of compiling and testing a KDE 4 version on – for example a decent Intel or ATI card would be nice for the graphic effects. Also a dual core system would be cool to have faster compiles.
Hm, that reminds me that I have to be help desk (student job) at a place were they got entirely new Dual Core systems… and all are running Windows XP, and they mostly use these machines for E-Mail and Office stuff. So much wasted power makes me sigh. That, again, reminds me of a computer pool I heard of where they used Colinux installations to use the extra CPU power of the windows machines. Sounds like a pretty good idea. 😉


5 thoughts on “Impressions around KDE 4 development”

  1. Thom Holwerda is anti-Linux. Plain and simple.

    Ever since he took over, its becoming more and more downhill. The elegant proof is with the Editorials…Unbacked drivel with self opinionated nonsense.

    Its like the same crowd that used to keep saying “BSD is dead” at Slashdot.

    I guarantee, OSNews isn’t gonna change for the better. At best its gonna fall into the toilet first (or Thom quitting…which ever comes first).

    And don’t get me started about Eugenia!

    Although, some journalists delibrately troll to make ad-dollars for their site. To incite lots of people to come and visit. (This is why I block ALL ads).

    John C. Dvorak does this all the time with the Apple crowd! (He trolls ever so slightly, and takes it back in the following article!…Either way, it results in huge numbers of hits)

  2. >Thom Holwerda is anti-Linux.

    Thom’s main OS is Ubuntu Linux.

    >Although, some journalists delibrately troll to make ad-dollars for their site.

    Neither myself or Thom are getting paid.

    We simply talk about things the way we see them and understand them and analyze them. Nothing differently than sitting around with some friends and doing some commentary on things. But it seems that when we do it our site, everyone wants to eat us alive for having different opinions.

    These are just bad conclusions you are drawing about us simply because you don’t agree with our opinions on editorials (editorials are just that btw, opinions, and they are clearly marked as such).

  3. and analyze them
    No – and that’s the point: you do not analyze. At least what I’ve read from Thom was no analysis at all. It was just dull guessing and ranting.
    There were no sources or facts given to document or support his position or his opinion as you call it.

    And, yes, if someone in my circle of friends or in the public says something stupid I ask questions and I start asking for facts and sources. And yes, I oppose if someone says something stupid which is plain wrong!

    Thom didn’t investigate and didn’t make research about the current state of KDE 4 – and you see it in his article. In such cases I oppose, and in such cases I point out that it is wrong.

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