Digikam 0.9

After more than a year digikam 0.9 has finally been released. It was developed for more than a year and comes with an impressive list of new features and closed bugs. The most important new features are:

  • 16 bit Colormanagement workflow
  • Raw file support
  • GPS/EXIF/IPTC metadata support

Especially interesting here is that the 16bit workflow means that all used tools can handle 16bit images – something not every other image program for Linux can do.

You can find more about the features here. There are also training videos available.

One thing however about the user interface: digikam is made for people who are really willing to read about the subject. It is aimed at more professional users. Keep this in mind – if you just want a album program to occasionally view your images, you should check for another program.
But I do agree that the GUI of digikam could need some work – I think the usability guys could help here, improving the layout maybe. But I will use it anyway because I am a pro user who does not really care for the GUI as long as it is functional enough.


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