Ian Murdock about Software Installation on Linux

Ian Murdock wrote about Software installation on Linux and mentioned the FSG face2face meeting which took place some days ago in Berlin. The post ends right before the interesting stuff which will be analyzed in a second part.

However, the first part already gives some information about the way Ian Murdock, the head of FSG and the founder of Debian thinks about the whole situation. Luckily it looks like that he has a very practical point of view, and keeps a close look at the ISVs instead of ranting about RPM or anything.
Because I have to admit that, when I first heard that Ian is the new head, I frightened that he tries to pull the FSG off from RPM to deb, which would make no sense at all. Also, the fact that he always writes “like APT and yum” makes him very sympathetic – but that’s probably just because I met much to many Debian/Ubuntu guys who tried to compare rpm with apt. 😉

I’m not sure when Ian is going to release the part 2, but I’m curious to read it.
Btw., if you have a to good mood at the moment and want to get a bad mood, just read some of the comments below that blog post. These are all Linux users who are commenting, but a community which has such members do not need enemies. Sad. 😦
I really hope that Ian sees that the majority of users is on his side and wants to solve problems…


One thought on “Ian Murdock about Software Installation on Linux”

  1. yeah … those fights in the linux community have annoyed may waaaaaaaay too much !

    one can only go on and produce code, docs, spread the word hoping that someone else will make some use of its creatures …

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