New KDE developers wiki

Aaron Seigo has announced that a new KDE developers page is under development and will in the end replace the current The new place is a nice designed Wiki and will hopefully become the number #1 place for all KDE development related things.

The main problem with the old page was that you could only work on it if you had svn access. This seemed to be a problem as the old page was never really able to attract a larger amount of new contributors and documentation writers.
Also there was a person missing who had the oversight about all the documentation, and quite a lot of information was at other places (KDE women, IBM, etc.).

Especially the last part now makes the first task porting all stuff spread at the old page and elsewhere to the new wiki. There will also be cleanup and sorting, which ends hopefully in a new and shiny wiki.

And I already tried to get my hands dirty a bit – and because it is a Wiki, and especially because it is a Wikimedia engine, it is so damn easy. Also, there are lots of articles not written yet, and several of them are organizing articles for example to explain to ISVs what all the fuzz is about: so, you do not need to have programming knowledge, you just need to know what KDE is to join the team!


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